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Route #1
Come along Bang-na trad RD. (way out to Pattaya/Chonburi), then U-turn at Km. 42, use first exit to outer lane, keep left lane till Km. 38 Or use skyway on Bang-na trad, exit at Bangwao (motor way Km. 39), (notice signboard SHARP at left hand side), then turn left to motor way, and U-turn at the bridge follow the arrow back to Bang-na trad, then across the main road to thw way back to Bangkok/Bangna.
Route #2
Use Motor way to Pattaya/Chonburi, exit at Km. 38, cross the bridge to Bangpakong/Bangna, then follow arrow same route # 1

Transportation Guide

By Bus

- can be reached by bus: Number
365, Bangkok-Chachoengsao,Bangkok-Chonburi, Bangkok-Pattaya, which arrived along Bangna-Trad road (km.38)